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"Faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ"

Romans 10:17 ESV

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Dick Lucas was Rector of St Helen's from 1961 to 1998. Under his leadership, in the providence of God, St Helen's grew from a tiny congregation of a few individuals to a large thriving church with a ministry to city workers, families, students and young professionals, and a reputation for serious expository preaching and bible teaching.

His penetrating insights into Scripture and its contemporary application have won him a worldwide audience and recordings of his talks are in great demand.

In 1986 he founded The Proclamation Trust, whose aim is to encourage ministry that seeks above all to expound the Bible as God's word for today.

Now in his eighties, Dick Lucas still has a very active and influential ministry, preaching and speaking at conferences in the UK and further afield. He returns each summer to preach at St Helen's.

We have here a continually changing selection of outstanding series by Dick Lucas, available to download or to purchase on CD. For access to the full range of talks by Dick Lucas, please use the Advanced Search.


If Anyone Hears...
Dick Lucas (7/08/2005-28/08/2005)     Sunday Morning
Revelation 3:1-22

It's just the same today!
Dick Lucas (5/07/2005-26/07/2005)     Tuesday Lunchtime
Luke 15:1-7, Luke 15:25-32

Fruits of Great Mercy
Dick Lucas (6/07/2004-27/07/2004)     Tuesday Lunchtime
1 Peter 1:3-21

Jesus Rediscovered

Words of comfort on knowing God
Dick Lucas (7/08/2006-27/08/2006)     Sunday Morning
Psalm 139:1-24, Matthew 11:25-30, John 14:1-11, Philippians 3:12-16

Dick Lucas (1/01/1968-20/01/1968)     Thursday Lunchtime (including questions)
James 1:1-18, James 1:22-3:12, James 4:1-5:20

God Made Known
Dick Lucas, Simon Manchester (7/09/1982-25/10/1983)     Tuesday Lunchtime
John 1:1-7:12, John 7:14-52, John 8:12-10:42

What Thousands Heard
Dick Lucas (6/10/1987-15/12/1987)     Tuesday Lunchtime
Luke 12:1-59

Christianity is For Ever
Dick Lucas (30/09/1986-25/11/1986)     Tuesday Lunchtime
John 3:16